A downloadable game

"like a..." is a game you can play with 2 or more people!

A fox and a rabbit.

first, everyone decides which player goes first, and someone picks an adjective for them to start with.

They decide that the fox should start, and the adjective is "tall"!

on your turn, think of something that the adjective describes... that also starts with the same letter!
then, describe the thing you chose with an adjective for the next player to use.

The fox says,  "'Tall'? Like a 'tree'!"Then, the fox says, "Trees are also.... 'fragrant'."

then it's the next player's turn!
keep taking turns as long as you like.

The rabbit says, "'Fragrant'? Like a 'flower'!"

for more fun, try bending the rules! here's some ideas:

  • stick to a theme or category
  • don't use words that have already been used
  • use a different language
  • use multiple different languages at once
  • if you don't agree with a player's choices, veto them
  • if the other players don't agree with your choices, try to convince them

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